Tax International is established in Novi Sad, in 2007. with a mission to improve efficiency and cost control through effective tax management. From the moment of registration we advise managers how to reduce costs, pay optimum taxes and represent them in front of state authorities. Every our client is insured with sum of 2.000.000,00rsd.

We are the first agency in Serbia which provide service guarantees. 


Our principles are: top financial services and their continuous improvement, up-to-date, precision, efficiency, experience, modern technology of work that involves communication with clients via the Internet, keeping business secrets, friendly communication with clients, focus on customer satisfaction.


Mia Rodic, founder and member of several professional associations.

MIA RODIĆ / Finance, Accounting & Tax Manager

Accomplished tax consultant, finance and accounting professional with big experience in accounting and management for small to mid-size businesses. Passionate, highly energetic, hard working, results driven accountant who utilizes set of management experiences and accounting skills in guiding management with financial and tax information to make informed operational decisions. Working on projects with mission to create better perspectives for micro, small and medium sized business development in Serbia as a tool for economic development. Consultant in changing Serbian laws. Collecting informations about implementing the law in order to create better business environment. Publishing results and writing stories for newspapers "BILTEN" and Tax International`s website www.taxinternational.biz.
-maternity benefits for women entrepreneurs;
- reducing documentation for getting maternity benefits for employees (115 before, 86 documents now, still working on this problem);
-one stop point for work health and pension insurance;
At the moment working on: making business procedures easier (reducing documentation,improving b.enviroment); reducing economic crime and the shadow economy; changing laws in global; promotion of examples of good practice.
Active in business associations gathering business women. Founder and member of several professional associations , especially proud to be President of the Council for Regional Development of Serbian Accounting Society.


Our clients are : enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers, wholesales, production companies, service companies, import, export, re-export, non-governmental organizations, associations and other types of legal entities.


Our office is located in center of Novi Sad.


Tel: +381 21 6619-789

Viber: +381 61 1301-302

Email: office@taxinternational.biz

Adress: Petra Drapšina 22, Novi Sad, Serbia