Expo in Serbia 2027

In 2027, Belgrade will be the world capital of education, culture and innovation, at least for a short time. Representatives of dozens of countries will meet in the Serbian capital for the Expo exhibition.

Serbia will organize the Specialized EXPO exhibition. At the General Assembly of the International Bureau for Exhibitions in Paris, Belgrade had the largest number of votes, and won the competition.

The main theme of exhibition is “Play for Humanity”, and it will reflect on global issues and challenges of further human development in rapidly changing environment in digital and technology-based society.

The main theme will be further divided into three sub-themes:

Power of play

Play music

Play sport

Key concepts will be:

Improving mental and physical health and evolving human resilience.

Bringing people across cultures together, inspireing solidarity and unity and makeing inclusion, equality, and diversity a natural way of living.

New education model and lifelong learning as key enablers of further human development.

tax international expo in serbia


Expo exhibition 2027 – that will take a place in Belgrade, Serbia –  goals to become a unique international event, that demonstrates potential scenarios and opportunities for creating a more resilient individuals and communities and balanced future of play, education and continuous development.

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