Ltd – limited liability company activity

LTD has a predominant activity, which is registered in accordance with the law on registration. It can perform all other activities that are not prohibited by law, regardless of whether they are determined by the founding act or the statute. That means

when you register one activity, you are allowed to make other activities that don`t require special licenses.

If you have several predominant activities, you have to register each of them.

Industrial zones which are free of customs: PirotSuboticaZrenjaninFAS KragujevacSumadija KragujevacSabacNovi Sad, Uzice,  Smederevo,  Svilajnac,  Krusevac,  Apatin,  Vranje,  Priboj, and Belgrade. A privileged tax regime is provided to the free zone user (VAT, customs ect.).

The LTD can be incorporated either for indefinite or definite period of time. There is no maximum period of existence.

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