Public Holidays in Serbia in 2021

As law, says, public holidays or holidays designated by law as nonworking days, absence from work with compensated salary, and temporary inability for work in accordance with the health insurance regulations, shall not be counted as annual leave days.

Public Holidays in Serbia are following: 

Non-working Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – 1 and 2 January (Friday and Saturday)
  • Julian Orthodox Christmas – 7 January (Thursday)
  • Serbian Statehood Day – 15 and 16 February (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Orthodox Easter Holidays – 30 April, 1-3 May (Friday – Monday)
  • May Day – 1, 2, 3 and 4 May (Saturday – Tuesday)
  • Armistice Day – 11 November (Thursday)


  • Saint Sava’s Day – 27 January
  • National Holocaust, WWII Genocide and other Fascist Crimes Victims Remembrance Day – 22 April
  • Saint Vitus’ Day – 28 June
  • World War II Serbian Victims Remembrance Day – in memory of 21 October 1941 and the bloody autumn of 1941 when the German occupation troops massacred civilians in Kragujevac and throughout Serbia – 21 October. 



An employee is entitled to increased salary in the amount determined by bylaw and employment contract for working on a day of holiday which is a non-working day – a minimum of 110% of the base.

An employee is entitled to compensation of salary in the amount of average salary for the 12 preceding months, in conformity with a bylaw and employment contract, for the time of absence from work on a holiday that is a non-working day, annual leave, paid leave, military exercise and responding to summons by a state agency.


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