R&D Deduction

If you are researching and developing in the Republic of Serbia, you can use the “R&D double deduction” incentive. It provides the opportunity for the taxpayer to recognize double the amount of expenses directly related to research and development activities as an expense in the tax balance.

Research refers to original or planned research aimed at acquiring new knowledge.

Development refers to the application of research results or other learned content.

Expenses related to research and development are the costs of employee wages, materials, acquisition of intangible assets, acquisition and lease of fixed assets, acquisition of expert opinions, advisory services, transfer of special knowledge, legal protection, borrowing of funds, production services, etc…

tax save tax consulting
tax save tax consulting

Excluded expenses are sales, advertising, promotion, maintenance, and employee training costs.

In order to get the tax incentive for “R&D double deduction” a minimum of 90% of all employees engaged in research and development must perform their activities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the result of the research and development project must belong to you.

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