Sick pay rights

An employee can start sickness absence at any time. There is no minimum period of service. An employer should ask for proof of sickness. A company pays the first 30 days of absence. An employee is entitled to compensation for earnings during absence from work due to temporary work-up of up to 30 days in the amount of 65% of the average earnings in the previous 12 months before the month in which the temporary preventive work occurred. Workers who are on sick leave for up to 30 days, who are at the expense of the employer, cannot get less than the minimum wage. If the prevention of work is caused by an injury at work compensation for earnings is 100%. A company has right on a refund if an employee is absent longer than 30 days and if an employee was previously insured minimum 3 months before sickness absence without breaks, or 6 months with breaks in previous 18 months before sickness absence. In both cases, all health contributions need to be paid so a company can get refund.