Taxation in Serbia – all you need to know as an owner of ltd

Taxation in Serbia is designed to create a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment for all people living in the country.

A legal entity is considered resident if it is incorporated in Serbia or managed or controlled from Serbia.

Taxation in Serbia consists of the following:

Corporate tax rate is 15%

Capital gains are separately taxed  and tax is 15% for residents and 20% for nonresidents.

Dividends tax rate is 15%.

The taxable base is 85% of the profit (profit after corporate tax).

This tax may be lowered to 5% by activating double taxation avoidance agreements.


If dividends are paid by a Serbian company to another company in Serbia- exempt from corporate income tax.

Dividends received by a Serbian resident company holding minimum 10% of the shares in a nonresident distributing company for one year are eligible for a foreign tax credit.

The standard VAT rate is 20% and the lower rate is 10%.

Serbia has tax treaties with these countries:

— Austria
— Belgium
— Bosnia and
— Canada
— Cyprus
— Czech Republic
— Denmark
— Egypt
— Finland
— France
— Georgia
— India
— Indonesia
— Ireland
— Kazakhstan
— Latvia
— Lithuania
— Luxembourg
— Malta
— Netherlands
— Norway
— Poland
— Qatar
— Russia
— Slovakia
— Slovenia
— South Korea
— Ukraine
— United Arab
Emirates and
— United Kingdom



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