Temporary stay in Serbia

If you plan to stay in Serbia more than 90 days, you are required to report it.

Terms for issuance of authorization for temporary stay

For submitting of request for approval of temporary stay it is necessary to enclose the following:

valid travel document
notification of flat
two photographs (4 h 3 cm, colored, enface)
filled forms (three copies)
proof of paid submission fee for stay

Temporary stay can be authorized to a foreign citizen if he/she, along with request, encloses proof:

that he/she has enough means to support himself/herself;
that he/she has health insurance;
of justification of the request*** for temporary stay in accordance with purpose of temporary stay that can be authorized to a foreign citizen which intents to stay in the Republic of Serbia longer that 90 days.

***Depending upon basis for marriage, as proof of request justification, it is required to enclose the following documentation:

3.1. Foundation of company, branch or bank, i.e. for persons registered into the Ruling on Registration of company, branch or bank

Ruling on Registration
Certificate from commercial bank of account turnover;

3.2. Foundation i.e. ownership of independent business (commercial, handcraft, catering industry etc.) or agency

Ruling on Registration

3.3. Consignation, Agreement on Business Cooperation, Agreement on Business-Technical Cooperation and Transfer of Technologies

Ruling on Registration of domestic companies
Agreement on Cooperation between foreign and domestic legal entity
Referral or delegation of the company that sends him/her (original document and translation of the authorized sworn-in-court interpreter)

3.4. Setting up of the employment

Ruling on Registration of the company or other legal entity where foreign citizen sets up employment
Employment Contract or Service Contract
Opinion of National Employment Service when the employment is being set up for the first time or Ruling of the National Employment Service that authorizes employment setting up.

3.5. For citizens of former SFRY Republics that set up employment as domestic citizens

Photocopy of record book accompanied by the original for inspection
Employment Certificate
Ruling on Registration of the company, unless foreign citizen is employed at public utility services company

3.6. Carrying out of temporary and occasional jobs (up to 90 days)

Employment or Service Contract with legal of physical entity that owns rural property which represents his/her only income source
Ruling on legal entity’s registration, or in case of Agreement with physical entity, certificate that agriculture is basic activity of that entity.
3.7. Foreign athletes

Ruling on club registration
Agreement on hiring, verified at competent athlete federation

3.8. Marriage with citizen of the Republic of Serbia

Marriage certificate, not older than six months
Certificate on employment or other proof of means of support
Verification of citizenship status of our citizen

3.9. Common-law marriage with citizen of the Republic of Serbia

Certificate on free marital status for both persons (for the citizen of Republic of Serbia, Birth Certificate not older than six months is sufficient)
Verified statement of two witnesses that they are in common-law marriage, or if they have any children together, their Birth Certificates
Certificate on employment or other proof of means of support
Verification of citizenship status of our citizen

3.10. Kinship with the citizen of the Republic of Serbia

Proof of kinship with our citizen (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc.)
Verification of citizenship status of our citizen

3.11. Private visit

Verification of citizenship status of our citizen
Guarantee of domestic citizen and proof of possession of means for supporting
Proof of personal supporting means if the guarantee is not provided by our citizen

3.12. Family member of foreign citizen staying temporary

Proof of kinship with foreign citizen staying temporary (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of the Embassy etc. with translation of sworn-in court interpreter. Spouses, their children and possibly parents are considered family members).

3.13. Accredited journalists

Accreditation of the Ministry of Culture

3.14. Engagement at NGOs

Letter by MFA confirms to be familiar with NGO’s activity
Service or Employment Contract or NGO letter that foreign citizen is engaged as volunteer

3.15. Foreign priests

Proof of Church Registration or letter of support of the Ministry of Religion, as well as of NGO, if that religious community has not been registered
Employment contract or letter from church that foreign citizen has been engaged at religious jobs or for the purpose of religious service

3.16. Education-studying-language studying

Certificate of the university or school attended by foreign citizen

3.17. Training and practice

Ruling on registration of the company where training, i.e. practice is being carried out
Certificate of the institution that organizes training or practice, with accurate initiation and termination dates
Agreement or certificate of carrying out training and practice

3.18. Highly professional specialization

Certificate of the competent institution or organization on specialist studies with stated duration of specializationa

3.19. Employment of Lector and Professor at University

Employment Contract and letter form the University

3.20. Work at foreign Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts and private visit to Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts personnel

Letter of the Embassy with precisely stated data on working post at which foreign citizen is engaged and on duration of his engagement signed by Head of Diplomatic Mission and Consular Post, in which the reason and duration of private visit is explained.

3.21. Medical Treatment

Proof of means for medical treatment and support, if the medical costs are not settled in advance
Letter of medical institution with personal data of foreign citizen, predicted duration of medical treatment and way of settlement of mutual financial obligations

3.22. Officers of international institutions (World Bank, IMF…) and consultant companies engaged on realization in cooperation with other state bodies

Letter of competent ministry with reference number and date of Agreement on donation or other agreement with explanation of needs regarding engagement of foreign citizen and duration

3.23. Property of residential or business structure

Proof of property possession

Source: mup.gov.rs