The payment methods in retail

The payment methods in retail are regulated by Article 6 of the Regulation on types of fiscal receipts, types of transactions, payment methods, referencing another document number, and details of other elements of the fiscal receipt (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 31/2021, 99/2021, 10/2022, 49/2022, 50/2022, and 57/2022).

What are the payment methods available in retail?

“Cash” – payment with cash;

“Instant payment” – payment via instant transfer of approval at the point of sale;

“Payment card” – payment with a payment card;

“Check” – payment by check;

“Bank transfer” – payment by payment order or transfer order;

“Voucher” – payment with a voucher, cash vouchers, internal cards, or similar means of payment;

“Other non-cash payment” – payment by non-cash means of payment considered permissible in the Republic of Serbia.

In our regular monthly newsletter, we provide further explanations of payment methods and specific situations in which merchants may find themselves when issuing fiscal receipts.

Online commerce is particularly interesting, as it is subject to specific rules.

We regularly inform and educate our clients to align their business with the complex and extensive regulations that affect the operations of economic entities in Serbia.

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